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The Circus of Sorrows 



In 2008 the Catalan engineer Pau Revertés commissioned the company “Antigua i Barbuda” to recreate some of the machines invented by the scientist Joao Siqueiro. 

In 1975 Pau Revertés acquired in a public auction in the city of Sao Paulo all goods of the Ayres brothers workshop, including the archive of Joao Siqueiro.

We have very little information about Dr. Siqueiro, we know he was born in 1850 in Coimbra in a humble family, his father was a shoemaker, his mother died when he was a child and was raised by her aunt, his mother's sister, who ended up marrying the widower. From the childhood the only thing that remins it a machine that cuts leather to make shoes, which the father was very proud of.

The Coimbra scientist one day disappeared leaving no trace except the archive in Brazil. 

Researching the information discovered in Sao Paulo, Antigua i Barbuda has managed to rebuild six machines of the twelve that were found in the planes from the Ayres brothers workshop. The other six, either  Siquiero did not build them, or has  not been found, despite the efforts of the builders Jordà Ferré and Oscar de Paz. True to the spirit of the creator they kept the original numbers. 


This project is called: The Circus of Sorrows 



1: Machine of memories.

3: Machine mourn.

4. Machine of the essence of music.

8. Machine that measures love.

10. Soul of a machine.

12. Machine of death.


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