Technical writing and philosophical reflections entrusted to Jerome Voguen in London by Joao Siqueiros before his sailed to Brazil, and the reels of tape found with the sound-archiving machine in São Paulo in

1975 by the Catalan engineer Pau Revertés when he acquired at public auction the contents of the Ayres Brothers’ workshop, among which were the machine with the tape reels and some plans drawn by Siqueiros in the last twelve years of his life before his final disappearance.

By analysing the information discovered in São Paulo, Antigua & Barbuda have managed to reconstruct six of the twelve machines whose plans  were found inventoried in the Ayres Brothers’ workshop. It would seem

that either Siqueiros never got round to building the other six; in any case, they have not been located, despite the efforts of the constructors Jordà Ferré and Oscar de Paz when, at the request of Revertés, they undertook to recreate them from the plans. True to the spirit of their creator, these machines retain their original numbering. 

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